Cost of Service Costs. Fees. Advertisements.

Running any website isn't cheap. Especially resource websites like image hosting with heavy traffic and high bandwidth. Because of this donations are much appreciated but aren't required to use any of our services. We are transparent about our fees an service costs.

How much does it cost me the visitor uploading?
Absolutely nothing! It's free. Unlimited. Forever! Our knowledgebase article is UploadMe free will explain in more detail. For help signing up to our service see our How do I sign up? article.
Do you offer different membership subscriptions?
Currently no. However, we hope to offer paid perks and plans in the future see our Will you offer different membership plans? article. Remember we will always offer a free unlimited (no limits) subscription.
Do you display adverts?
We do place advertisements around our website to lower the costs. However with enough donations we can remove the adverts - for good. In our v1.5.7.1 update we reduced the number of adverts shown an try and show adverts that are more relevant (to the image; not yourself – we do no track) for example if you’re browsing an image which shows a screen capture of Windows 8.1 we will try and show relevant ads such as ads for Windows 8, 8.1 or Microsoft for that image.
Adverts? Ugh! We can just use Adblock?
Absolutely, in fact many people use Adblock when browsing the world wide web. However, we would really appreciate if you would whitelist our domain (you can do that here) as it will help us fund UploadMe and allow us to provide the freebie plan an add new features. White-listing our domain will only allow adverts on our own websites it does not pause your Adblock software for every site.
Can we make an donation?
You can show your appreciation for UploadMe and support future development by donating, We strongly feel that our site and downloads and everything should remain free of charge as our gift to the online community. Of course we appreciate any amount. You can find out more about making a donation via PayPal here.
How much does it cost you, the owners?
Our running costs are around £135.00 GBP ($179 USD / $230 AUD) a month. With our current growth we're looking at adding CDN support which uses per-gigabyte pricing an hope to have this live in the new year.
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